Microwave Motion Sensors

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Hytronik delivers high quality microwave motion sensors to high end professional lighting manufacturers throughout the world. Hytronik holds worldwide fundamental patents on the design of HF flat antennas for use in motion detection sensors and lighting control. Our product portfolio of HF motion sensors includes sensors for ON/OFF control, Tri-level dimming control, Dali Control, Integrated Motion sensors LED Drivers, Sensors with RF transmission Control, Daylight Harvest, False ceiling and many more. With 5 years warranty & advanced product features like Intelligent thermal management, flicker free light output, 8Hour Manual Mode ON, Daylight harvest, ours products offer unmatched  technological advantages at very affordable prices.

DALI motion sensors

DALI Sensors

  • Designed For Built-In Lighting Fixtures
  • Rotary Switch Group Configuration
  • Up to 64 Luminaries
  • Tri-Level Dimming For Corridor Function
  • Absence Detection Function
  • Remote Programming
SensorDIM Led Driver

SensorDIM LED Drivers

  • 2-In-1 LED Driver and Sensor
  • Tri-Dimming Control
  • Absence Detection
  • Maximum Energy Saving
  • Multiple Current Selection
  • Master | Slave Group Control
RF Motion Sensors

RF Wireless Sensors

  • 433 / 868 MHz RF Master | Slave Control
  • Up to 16x RF Rotary Switch Group Configuration
  • Designed for Stairs, Corridors and Car Park Lighting
  • SensorDIM Technology
  • Daylight Monitoring
  • Perfect for Retrofit Projects with Minimal Wiring

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Our Motion Sensors Features

Common Features

Zero Cross relay operation Permanent memory loop in - loop out stand by 0.5w

Product Safety

Thermal managament Multiple Wattage Emergency Outpu Self testing Emergency Driver Overheat Protection Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection

Sensing Features

daylight harvest ambient daylight threshold 100 hours burn in 8 hours manual on soft on soft off 24 hours daylight monitoring

DALI Sensors

dali motion sensors rotary switch programming

Site Installation

rotary switch grouping loop in loop out permanent memory condominum control