[HC028V/RF + HC023RF] – RF Wireless Version On/off Control


Product Introduction


HC028V/RF+HC024RF is a combination of motion sensor and RF wireless transmission. The motion detected by the master unit HC028V/RF can pass onto other pre-defined individuals (the slave units) though RF transmission. Thanks to fixed address coding technology, it is easy to set up transmission groups. Up to 16 different groups can be created by using the rotary coding switch. The transmission can reach 30 meters indoor and 100 meters in the open area. Digital receiving and transmitting method, high anti-interference capability. With 1-10 V output control signal signal, it can switch on/off and dim any brand of 1-10 V analogue dimming ballast and driver. Optional transmission frequency of 433/868/315/915 MHz, thanks to FSK technology.


Product Features


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Mechanical Structure 


HC028V-RF + HC023RF - 1





























Specifications Details
Product CatalogHC028V-RFHC023RF
Operating voltage220-240VAC
Switched power400W
CodingFixed address coding (rotary coding switch for grouping)
Detection area[10| 50 |75 |100 ]%,
Hold time5s |30s |1min |5min |10min |20min | 30min
Stand-by period0 | 10s | 1min | 5min | 10min | 30min | 1hour | +∞
Daylight threshold2~50Lux, disable
RF. Communicatin Chanels16 channels for grouping
Microwave frequency5.8GHz+/-75MHz
Microwave power<0.2mW
Detection rangeMax. (oxH): 12m x 6m; where o is the detection angle
Detection angle30~150 Degrees
RF. Transmission distance30 meters indoor, 100 meters in open area.
Max. Mounting height6m
Operating temperature-35oC ~ +70 Degree Celsius
RF frequency[ 433 | 868 | 315 | 915 ] MHz
CertificationSemko, EMC, CE, R&TTE, SAA


Wiring Diagram


HC028V-RF + HC023RF - 3











Product Applications 















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