[HIR02/SAM7 + HC038V (1-10V) , HIR02 /SAM7 + HCD038 (DALI)] – Detached linear Sensor Tri-level Dimming Control



Product Introduction


[HIR02/SAM7 + HC038V (1-10V) ,  HIR02 /SAM7 + HCD038 (DALI) ] is a deteched linear sensor with tri – level dimming controls. It can have the following multiple options :




Product Features


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Mechanical Structure 






















Specifications Details
Product Catalog/HIR01-HC038V
Operating voltage (HIR01)5VDC
Switched power (HC038V)800W - Resistive Load
400W - Capacitive Load
Switched power (HCD038)DALI Output, max.15 devices/broadcast 30mA 16VDC
Stand-by current<10mA
Warmming-up time20s
Stand-by dimming level[10 | 20 | 30 |50 ]%
Stand-by period0s | 10s | 1min | 5min | 10min | 30min | 1H | + ∞
Hold timeTest 2s |30s |1min | 5min |10min |20min |30min
Sensor principlePIR detection
Detection rangeMax. (oxH): 8m x 5m; where o is the detection angle
Detection angle360 Degrees
Max.Mounting height5m
Operating temperature-20~55 Degree Celsius
IP ratingIP20
CertificationSemko, CB, EMC, CE, R&TTE, SAA

Wiring Diagram 






















Product Applications 










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