[HIR01 + HC038V / HIR01 + HCD038 ] – Detached PIR Sensor Daylight Harvest



Product Introduction 


HIR01 + HC038V / HIR01 + HCD038 is a PIR motion sensor with Daylight harvest controls. in this feature Light will automatically dim down even turn off if surrounding natural light lux level is above the daylight threshold, even there is motion detected. However, if the stand-by period is preset at “+∞”, light will never switch off but dim to minimum level, even when natural light is sufficient.



Product Features


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Mechanical Structure 





















Specifications Details
Product Catalog/HIR01-HC038V
Operating voltage (HIR01)5VDC
Switched power (HC038V)800W - Resistive Load
400W - Capacitive Load
Switched power (HCD038)DALI Output, max.15 devices/broadcast 30mA 16VDC
Stand-by current<10mA
Warmming-up time20s
Stand-by dimming level[10 | 20 | 30 |50 ]%
Stand-by period0s | 10s | 1min | 5min | 10min | 30min | 1H | + ∞
Hold timeTest 2s |30s |1min | 5min |10min |20min |30min
Sensor principlePIR detection
Detection rangeMax. (oxH): 8m x 5m; where o is the detection angle
Detection angle360 Degrees
Max.Mounting height5m
Operating temperature-20~55 Degree Celsius
IP ratingIP20
CertificationSemko, CB, EMC, CE, R&TTE, SAA



Wiring Diagram 












Product Applications 


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