[HED1045] – Constant Current Omni Drive – DALI + SensorDIM + Switch-Dim.+ 1-10V + RF (1*45W)

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Product Introduction 


HED1045 is a DALI + sensorDIM + 1-10V + switch-Dim. + RF wireless, multi-current LED driver! This Hex-Drive is a multi-task hex-functional LED driver. Save space, save cost, save wiring, save assembly, save inventory and save trouble!

Some of the product highlights include:

  • Standby power < 0.5W
  • Automatic output reduction 80%–60%–40% against overheat
  • Failure DALI feedback
  • Flicker-free dimming from 100%~30%
  • In compliance with DALI 2 standard.
  • DALI and switch-Dim can be used at the same time.

There is a multiple current selection option thanks to the built in DIP Switch in the driver.












Product Features


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Mechanical Structure 





























Specifications Details
Product CatalogHED1045
Mains voltage220~240VAC
Mains frequency50/60Hz
Mains current0.22~0.2A
Max Output LED Power | current | Voltage 28W, 500mA, 12~56V | 40W, 700mA, 12~56V | 45W, 900mA, 12~50V | 45W, 1050mA, 12~42V | 40W, 1200mA, 12~34V| 40W, 1400mA, 12~28V
Power Factor0.95
Max. Efficiency87%
Operation temperatureTa: -20~+50℃
Dimming interfaceDALI, Switch-Dim., 1-10V
Dimming range1~30% PWM dimming | 30~100% analoge dimming.
Min. output voltage12 V
Stand-by power<0.5W
Abnormal protectionOutput short-circuit protection with auto-reset
Over-heat protectionOver-heat protection with auto-reset
EMC standardEN55015:2007 version EN61547
Safety DirectiveEN50172 | EN61347-2-7 |EN61347-2-13 | IEC62034 | BS5266
DALI standardIEC62386 -102,207
Dielectric strengthInput to output: 3750VAC
IP ratingIP20
CertificationSemko,CB, CE , EMC, SAA

Wiring Diagram 










































Product Applications




















Screenshot_81 Screenshot_82 Screenshot_83 Screenshot_84 Screenshot_85 Screenshot_86 Screenshot_87 Screenshot_88 Screenshot_89 Screenshot_90

















































































































































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