[HC038V + SAM8(1-10V), HCD038 + SAM8(DALI) ] – RF Wireless Sensor Detached Version


Product Introduction


HC038V + SAM8 (1-10 V) / HCD038 + SAM8(DALI) is an upgraded version of RF transceiver sensor HC028V/RF with separated sensor antenna from the main body, to fit into the narrow space in the flat linear luminaries. The motion detected by the separated RF sensor antenna SAM8 can pass onto other pre-defined individuals through RF transmission. SAM8 could work with main body HC038V (tri-level dimming control) or HCD038 (DALI control), which could be hidden for shadow-free purpose.

With the remote control HRC-04, end-user can easily set up master/slave for unlimited groups, or change the sensor settings. Once the master unit picks up movement, it will send RF ON signal to all slave unit(s) and switch on the light(s). The transmission can reach 30 meters indoor and 50 meters in the open area. A daylight sensor is also built-in to prevent the light switching on when surrounding natural light is sufficient. Easy installation and free of wiring, ideal choice for projects!


Product Features


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Mechanical Structure 




































Specifications Details
Product CatalogHC038V-SAM81-10V
Operating voltage220-240VAC
Switched power- (HC038V)800W - Resistive Load
400W - Capacitive Load
Switched power (HCD038)DALI Output | max.15 devices/broadcast | 30mA 16VDC
Warmming-up time20s
Standby power<1W
Detection area[10 |50 |100 ]%
Hold timeTest 2s | 30s |1min |5min |10 min |20 min | 30min
Standby period0s |10s |1min |5min |10 min | 30min |1H |+∞
Daylight threshold[2 20 ] Lux | Disable
Microwave power<0.2mW
Microwave frequency5.8GHz+/-75MHz
Detection rangeMax. (oxH): 2m x 5m; where o is the detection angle
Detection angle30~150 Degrees
RF. Transmission distance30 meters indoor
50 meters in the open area
Max Mounting height6m
Operating temperature-20~60 Degree Celsius
RF frequency868MHz (FSK mode)
CertificationSemko, CB, EMC, CE, R&TTE, SAA

Wiring Diagram 



















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