[HEM07-T] – Emergency LED Driver Self-testing Version



Product Introduction 


This emergency lighting module is designed to convert a wide range of LED types, and is an ideal choice for converting most standard LED luminaries and arrays containing from 4 to 20 ( HEM07-T ) LED’s in series. This unit is designed to utilize the existing LED driver and panel layout (no need to break into the LED circuit) to be dimmed to 3W/6W in case of emergency. The driver can automatically adjust the output LED current to provide the optimum match between the battery and the load, which enables maximum illumination whilst ensuring full battery duration. The driver is compatible with a wide range of LED’s such as Philips Fortimo DLM, SLM and LLM ranges, Bridge lux LS/ES/RS ranges, Citizen 4~41 W ranges, GE Infusion, Xicato and many others.

Some of the product highlights include :

  • Dual wattage and duration selection:  HEM07-T: 3W @ 3hrs; 3W @ 1h
  • Built-in MCU programmed self-testing, maintenance free
  • Automatic output current adjustment
  • Wide range of LED’s in series ( HEM07-T: 12~55 V)
  • With both LED indication and Buzzer warning
  • Good compatibility with various brands of LED in the market
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Constant current charger
  • High temperature NiMH/Nicd cells
  • 5-Year product warranty


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Product Features


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Mechanical Structure 
















Specifications Details
Product CatalogHEM07-T
Mains voltage220 - 240VAC
Mains frequency50/60Hz
Mains current27mA - 17mA
Mains power4.5 W
Output voltage(U-out Max.)65 VDC
Power Factor0.75
Operation temperatureTa:0~+50℃
Battery charge voltage3V - 5.3V
Max Battery charge current200mA
Battery pack[ BPC10 | BPC11 | BPC15 | BPC16 ]
Charge period24 hours
Max. case temp.75℃
Battery duration3 hour @3W | 1 hour@ 3W
Mains Switch-over voltage range120VAC - 180VAC
Output LED current40mA (55VDC) - 230mA (12VDC)
Over-heat protectionOver-heat protection with auto-reset
EMC standardEN55015:2007 version EN61547
Safety DirectiveEN50172 | EN61347-2-7 | EN61347-2-13 | IEC62034 | BS5266
Dielectric strengthInput to output: 1750 VAC
IP ratingIP20
CertificationSemko,CB, CE , EMC

Wiring Diagram














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