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As Hytronik LED drivers supplier in UAE we deliver high quality LED drivers to the professional lighting industry with our diverse product  portfolio ranging from DALI drivers, Emergency Drivers, Tunable White Drivers, Dimmable Drivers and many more. In the dimming world, we offer distinctive types of dimming options: DALI DIMMING, 1-10V dimming, switch-dim and sensor dimming. Our built-in multiple current chooser allows the user to change the current and voltage with a  single dip switch selection as per their convenience and needs. Our integrated advanced features like Daylight Harvest, Loop-in-loop out connection, Synchrony , 24h Daylight monitoring, permanent memory are all incorporated into the drivers with the aim of providing quality product and cost effective solution.

DALI LED Drivers

DALI LED Drivers

  • Certified Dali 2 Drivers
  • Multiple Current Selection
  • Automatic Output Reduction
  • Flicker Free Dimming
  • Short-Circuit & Over Heat Protection
  • Permanent Memory
Dimmable LED Drivers

Dimmable LED Drivers

  • Multiple Dimming Technologies in One Device
  • Flicker Free Dimming
  • Over Heat & Over Load Protection
  • Multiple Current Selection Options
  • Built-In Permanent Memory Against Power Failure
  • Synchrony: No extra sync wire
Emergency LED Drivers

Emergency LED Drivers

  • Automatic Current Adjustment
  • Deep Discharge Protection
  • Constant Current Charger
  • Led Indication And Buzzer Warning
  • Built-In Self Testing & Reset Function
  • Dual Wattage With Dual Duration Selection
SensorDIM LED Drivers

SensorDIM LED Drivers

  • 2-In-1 LED Driver and Sensor
  • Tri-Dimming Control
  • Absence Detection
  • Maximum Energy Saving
  • Multiple Current Selection
  • Master | Slave Group Control

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Product Features

Common Features
Product Safety

Short Circuit Protection LED Driver Over-Load Protection LED Driver Over-heat Protection LED Driver Self-testing emergency driver Multiple Wattage Emergency Output Thermal Managament LED Driver


Flicker Free LED Drivers LED Linear Dimming curve Min dimming Adjustments Switch Dimming LED Drivers Logarithmic Dimming Curve 1...10 V Dimming Drivers

DALI Drivers

Rotary switch programming DALI Drivers

Site Installation

Permanent Memory Loop in Loop out Synchronymultiple current LED driverrotary group switching


Power Saving

permanent memory > 90 % Efficient LED driver Daylight harvest LED Driver 20 % Power saving LED Driver Constant current and Voltage LED Drivers